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Default Tax for sale.order.line

Topics: OpenErpNet Connector
Oct 8, 2014 at 8:40 AM
I try to enter sale.order.line -items to a previous created order.
Order is ok, but I've trouble to insert the tax id(s). It seems there is an other table related on OE.
ar neworderline = new OSalesOrderLine();
                    neworderline.orderId = orderId;
           = item.Product.Name;
                    neworderline.productUomQty = Convert.ToDouble(item.Quantity);
                    neworderline.priceunit = Convert.ToDouble(item.PriceExclTax * currRate);
                    // 1= my default tax cat, so I tried a struct int[] here but'ts not saved or visible on OE, no erros!!
                    neworderlinetax.taxId = ???

// it doesn't save the tax category
        public int[] taxId