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Project Description
Access to OpenErp from .Net


OpenErpNet allows to perform CRUD operations with OpenErp in an easy way. Avoid use of XmlRpc protocol directly and work with lambda expressions.

Map your entities (POCO) and use it to access OpenErp.

CRUD operations => Create, Read Update and Delete.

Use of CookComputing.XmlRpcV2 library for XmlRpc protocol. I have modified it, so errors returned by OpenErp are displayed correctly. It's very helpfull!!!

This is my weekend project, so is an early stage. In test project you can find a full example working with attendances (HHRR). I use this library to perform a windows service that generates attendances from a txt files generated by an old system.

Last Release 0.3

Release Notes:
  • Added basic t4 template class generation
  • Added lazy load to collections
  • Added more functionality to include method.


see documentation section...


Release 0.4
  • Map selected fields to enumerations in t4 templates
  • Track of entities.

If you use this project, consider support it.

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